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Sandra Reams Artwork

A collection of hand made unique artwork.

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Welcome to Sandra's inside out upside down world filled with energy, imagination, and experimentation. Her work ranges from zany and humorous, to subtle and thoughtful,

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Books & Cards

Sandra's underlying curiosity about people and their world as well as Mother Nature's world leads her to create books and cards that reflect both humor and philosophic views.

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Paper Mache

After a mask making workshop in Fort Langley, Sandra became intrigued by the extensive and expressive use of paper Mache to make masks and vases.

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Sandra enjoys exploring strong, energetic colors along with shapes that are often very organic and curvilinear. She does both representational and abstract creations.

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Sandra’s garden mirrors her eclectic vision with many whimsical and delightful scenarios. They may be nostalgic or strongly graphic, subtle or eye-popping, but their variety all blends to create a sense of joy and humor. The floral selections are reflections of an adventurous nature and are sure to please anyone passing through the garden.

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